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Over-Glasses - Turn Your Spectacles Into Sunglasses

Whether you call them over glasses, fitover, cover all, cover over or OTG (over the glasses) sunglasses, they're an extremely cost effective way for spectacle wearers to obtain complete protection from the sun. Practical, stylish and always ready to wear, perfect for people who want the benefits of all round 360º sun protection whilst wearing their prescription glasses. They’re unisex, lightweight and easy to slip over your spectacles.

Over-Glasses are compatible with most modern metal and plastic spectacle frames. They have extra lenses built into the sides, giving a wider field of vision, and deep temples which provide superior peripheral protection from harmful UV rays and the elements. Built from tough and very durable frames, they're available in a variety of stunning colours and with a choice of glare-blocking polarised lenses, super-tough shatterproof lenses, contrast enhancing copper driving lenses, transitional clear to smoke photochromic lenses or passive 3D circular polarised lenses.

They provide excellent all round UV protection, up to 40% more than most ordinary sunglasses, and can be used for a wide range of activities including walking, cycling, hiking, fishing, sailing, bowling, golf, driving, motorcycling, shooting, skiing and even light industrial use. They're available in five sizes and in a great choice of frame colours and lenses, we have 95 models in total.

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