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Here are some answers to your most frequently asked questions regarding Over Glasses:

Q: What Are Over-Glasses?

A: They're an extremely cost effective way for spectacle wearers to obtain complete all-around 360º protection from the sun. Such fit over sunglasses have many descriptive references such as over glasses, over specs, over shields, over rx, over prescription, fitovers, cover all, cover over, OTG, over the glasses, slip over, slip on, wear over or solar shields to name the most popular.

As well as for every day sun protection they're frequently used by people who suffer from various eye complaints such as light sensitivity, dry eye syndrome and blepharospasm.

Q: How Do I Know Which Size I Need?

A: Click here to download our easy fitting Over-Glasses sunglasses size guide.

Optical Frame Measurements

Or if you don't have access to the guide you can measure up yourself as follows:

  1. Measure the total width of your glasses at the widest point (w) including the temple fittings. 
  2. Measure their height at the deepest point (h) including the frame. 
  3. Using the measurements given in our products pages for each model, find the nearest size in both dimensions that is equal to or larger than your measurements. Over-Glasses designed for larger glasses will fit over smaller glasses but the best results will be obtained if you choose the closest fit.

Q: Do Your Sunglasses Protect My Eyes?

A: Over-Glasses absorb 100% of harmful UVA & UVB rays. They comply with the latest European Directive 89/686/EEC in accordance with Standard BS EN 1836:2005 meeting ANSI Z80.3 UV General Purpose Protection Standards and have been proven and recommended in accordance with the latest guidelines. They reduce infrared rays and filter colour whilst maintaining high levels of visible contrast. They're lightweight, comfortable, durable and reduce glare.

Q: What is Special About Over-Glasses?

A: Over-Glasses deliver reliable all round eye protection and comfort for prescription spectacle wearers. Designing eyewear that can be worn comfortably over prescription glasses is more complicated than for traditional sunglasses. Considerations include the intended use, durability and robustness, ease of use, how they look, what they can fit over, their weight and high optical clarity. Over-Glasses feature high quality, lightweight frames made from very tough and durable polycarbonate with five-point hinges to minimise the risk of breakage at the most vulnerable point. Flexible slim-line arm ends ease the fitting process over your spectacles and simplify their insertion under a helmet. Built in side lenses give a wider field of vision and deep temples provide superior peripheral protection from harmful UV rays and the elements. These robust side lenses are ingeniously integrated into the temple design so they won't fall out in normal use. We have a wide range of sizes and lens options to ensure an appropriate product can be selected to suit your intended use.

Q: Can I Use Over-Glasses as Safety Glasses ?

A: Although Over-Glasses have not been tested as safety glasses as defined by EN166-F in Europe, they are built to the same specification. The polycarbonate frames are extremely tough and durable and shatterproof polycarbonate lens options are available. The entire Shatterproof Over-Glasses range will be tested for safety to European standards in the near future.

Q: Do Over-Glasses Come with a Guarantee ?

A: Yes, they come with a 12 month warranty against manufacturing and material defects. Scratched lenses, normal wear and tear, accidental damage and damage caused by misuse are not covered under our warranty. All warranty claims must be made in writing to our head office (see Contact Us) and sent, at your own expense, together with the item in question and proof of purchase for our assessment. Upon receipt and acceptance of a warranty claim, the item will be either repaired or exchanged for the same product or for one of an equivalent value should the original product not be available. We cannot offer refunds against any warranty claim. You must pay the postage and packing charges for the return of the repaired/replacement item, this is currently £3.99 per item in the UK (£7.99 outside the UK - approximately US$11.99, 9.49 EUR) and this should be sent with your claim.

Q: Are Over-Glasses Side Lenses Polarised?

A: There is a popular misconception that if the main lens in a pair of fit over sunglasses is polarised then the side lenses should also be polarised. Over-Glasses do not use polarised side lenses because there is no reason to. Polarised lenses block glare, to do this your eyes must look directly through them at right angles and so there is no benefit in having polarised side lenses. The side lenses are there to enhance your peripheral vision and polarisation does absolutely nothing to improve this. What is important is that the side lenses match the transmission properties of the front lenses to give an all round balanced visual experience. In fact the reason many similar products use polarised side lenses is down to a limitation in the frame design. In most generic frames, the small side lens aperture is designed to have the lenses pushed into place in just the same way as the front lenses. But polycarbonate lenses cannot be made thin enough for this and so low quality acetate polarised side lenses are used. However this leads to a poorly fitting side lens which is prone to falling out, warping or even breakage. Over-Glasses use shatterproof polycarbonate side lenses, these are ingeniously integrated into the temple and hinge design for enhanced durability and won't fall out in normal use.

Q: How Do I Look After My Over-Glasses?

To prolong their life and ensure optimum performance Over-Glasses sunglasses need some minimal care and maintenance. When not in use you should keep them in their protective case, do not leave them in direct sunlight such as on the dashboard of your car or on a window sill. Clean by first blowing off any dust and then wash with mild detergent and warm water. Then wipe dry with a soft microfibre cleaning cloth such as the one supplied with your sunglasses. You may treat the lenses with a good quality cleaner or anti-fog solution. Lightly oil the temple hinges occasionally especially after cleaning. Do not use abrasive cleaning products.

Q: Where Can I Buy Over-Glasses?

A: You can only buy Over-Glasses fitover eyewear online. Either via this website or from our parent store at i*sunglasses.com/Over-Glasses where you will also be able to purchase other sunglasses and eyewear products including a wide range of clip-on eyewear.

We are based in the UK and ship to most countries.

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