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Our polarised fit-over sunglasses come with superior TAC (Tri-Acetate Cellulose) lenses giving perfect optical quality. They cut glare from reflective surfaces such as water, snow and roads, are less susceptible to de-lamination and shrinkage (a very important consideration for large sunglasses such over glasses) than standard polarised lenses and increase the contrast and sharpness in your vision. With the reduction of glare all objects become more distinct and colours more vibrant. All our polarised Over-Glasses utilise hard coated, scratch resistant lenses.

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Smoke lenses perform best in bright sunny conditions. They're considered neutral because they don't enhance contrast nor distort colours. Brown lenses are particularly useful in diffused light as they have contrast-enhancing properties with minimal colour distortion. Copper driver lenses provide sharper contrast and image definition and reduce road glare.

Our high quality, lightweight frames are made from very tough and durable polycarbonate with five-point hinges to minimise the risk of breakage at the most vulnerable point. Flexible slim-line arm ends ease the fitting process over your spectacles and simplify their insertion under a helmet. Built in side lenses give a wider field of vision and deep temples provide superior peripheral protection from harmful UV rays and the elements. These robust side lenses are ingeniously integrated into the temple design so they won't fall out in normal use.

Polarised Over-Glasses come in five sizes with in a choice of four lenses and in a variety of frame colours. They're supplied complete with a microfibre cleaning pouch, a rigid zipper case to help protect them and an adjustable neck cord. Our eyewear comes with a 12 months limited warranty from the date of purchase against manufacturing defects.

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