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Technical Information

Over-Glasses are compatible with most modern metal and plastic spectacle frames and can easily be slipped over whilst you are still wearing them. Their ergonomic design ensures a comfortable and secure fit with complete protection from sunlight and the elements. Highly specified materials provide a high quality, durable and reliable product. Each pair comes with a microfibre cleaning pouch, a rigid zipper case to help protect them in storage, an adjustable neck cord and 12 months warranty against manufacturing defects. 

12 Months Limited Warranty

High Quality Polycarbonate Frames


The high quality, lightweight frames are virtually unbreakable in normal use and won't damage your spectacles. They're made from very tough and durable polycarbonate with a five-point hinge design which spreads the load thus minimising the risk of breakage at the most vulnerable point. There are two points in the frame mount, two in the arm and one in the side lens. Deep temples provide superior peripheral protection from harmful UV rays and the elements, whilst the flexible slim-line arm ends ease the fitting process over your spectacles and simplify their insertion under a helmet. Built in shatterproof polycarbonate side lenses provide a wider field of vision, these are ingeniously integrated into the temple and hinge design so they won't fall out in normal use.

Over-Glasses Side Lens, Hinge & Temple Design



Polarised Over Glasses come with superior 0.8mm TAC (Tri-Acetate Cellulose) scratch resistant lenses for perfect optical quality and enhanced durability. They cut glare from reflective surfaces such as water, snow and roads. Objects become more distinct, colours more vibrant and the contrast and sharpness in your vision is increased. TAC lenses are infused with polarising filters that permeate the layers thus eliminating the de-lamination issues commonly associated with cheap polarised lenses plus they're less susceptible to shrinkage, a very important consideration for large sunglass styles such as Over-Glasses. Our smoke and brown polarised lenses are rated UV filter category 3 and are suitable for bright sunlight, driving and general purpose wear. Copper polarised lenses are rated UV filter category 2 suitable for average sunlight, driving and general purpose wear.

0.8mm TAC Polarized Lenses
Shatterproof Over Glasses come with non-polarised 2.0mm polycarbonate lenses, these are both lightweight and scratch resistant. Polycarbonate lenses naturally filter nearly 100 percent of harmful UV rays without the need for additional coatings. They're lighter and more durable than traditional plastic sunglasses lenses providing comprehensive protection and comfort. Plus they're less likely to fracture than regular plastic lenses making them excellent for protective sunglasses such as Over-Glasses. Smoke and copper lenses are rated UV filter category 3 and are suitable for bright sunlight, driving and general purpose wear. Yellow and clear lenses are rated UV filter category 0 and are suitable for use in low light, cloudy/overcast conditions and night driving.
Shatterproof Polycarbonate Lenses
Driving Over-Glasses with high definition copper driver lenses provide sharper contrast and image definition by filtering blue light whilst preserving a natural colour balance for comfortable viewing in the day light. Driver lenses reduce road glare and relax the eye muscles to reduce stress whilst driving and are designed to highlight the critical driving colours, i.e. red, amber and green. They heighten visual acuity, improving contrast and depth perception in variable light conditions. They're available with either glare blocking polarised lenses or non-polarised shatterproof polycarbonate lenses.

Blue Blocking Driving Lenses
Photochromic Over-Glasses react automatically to the available sunlight, i.e. they lighten and darken in response to the strength of harmful UV rays. Our 24 hour photochromic lenses have a clear to smoke transition with 83% transmittance when clear to 23% when fully darkened. We use high quality CR-39 monomer 1.56 index lenses for their superb optical properties and high abrasion resistance. These are plastic lenses that combine the high optics of glass with the excellent mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance properties of a thermoset material such as polycarbonate meaning they're both light in weight yet very durable. Plastic lenses made from CR-39 monomer give less chromatic aberration than polycarbonate lenses, these have an Abbe number of 38.

Over Glasses Photochromic Lens Performance Chart 
All our optical quality sunglasses lenses are perfectly cut and finished and are hard coated for scratch resistance. They comply with the latest European Directive 89/686/EEC in accordance with Standard BS EN 1836:2005/A1:2007 and absorb 100% of harmful UVA and UVB rays whilst maintaining high levels of visible contrast.
Complies with BS EN1836:2005
3D Over-Glasses with superior 0.8mm TAC light-grey lenses provide accurate colour definition with sharper contrast and image definition to give a perfect viewing experience. 3D Glasses are optimised for indoor cinema and TV applications and are not intended for outdoor use. Although they do block harmful UV rays they’re designed to pass as much light through their lenses as possible whilst sunglasses are designed to block sunlight, you can't have both! Plus the circular polarisation technology is not the same as the vertical polarisation used in sunglasses and so they do not block glare in the same way that polarised sunglasses do.

They're suitable for all Passive 3D TV's such as LG "Cinema 3D", Philips "Easy 3D", Sony, Samsung, etc., plus 3D PCs, Sky 3D and 3D cinemas showing RealD, masterImage and Technicolor 3D movies. They do not work with 3D DVD or anaglyph 3D which need red/blue lenses nor Blu-ray 3D or active 3D TV's which need shutter 3D glasses.

Circular Polarized Passive 3D Lenses
Over-Glasses must not be used for direct viewing of the sun or in a solarium.  

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